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E-Commerce Solutions | Online Shop Realization

Distribute your products online to broad range of users and lay the foundation for your sales platform in the internet with your own online shop.

Regarding our online shop solutions, we are using the Magento Commerce Community Edition. This software represents an open-source-e-commerce platform, which offers a comprehensive online shop including a shopping cart, (optional) registration and user management, financial reporting as well as flexible pricing (special-offer prices and vouchers possible). Even multiple stores are supported.


Screen Design

Similar to the process of creating a website, also the screen design can be also established by pixelpoint multimedia as well as it can be delivered by a third party. Again, if customers decide to hire a third party, it is obligatory to to transmit the data in a digital way.
Alternatively, a ready-made Magento theme can be acquired, which will be adapted slightly in order to match with the corporate design.

Programming the Templates

The output variants of the contents respectively the products are controlled via the templates. Thus, the creation of the templates represents the actual programming work within the establishment of an online shop. If a template (output variant of content) is finished, it can be used for any number of times and for any number of contents.

Google Analytics

In order to provide access to statistics, Google Analytics is integrated in your online shop by default. Its most famous features are for example the information about origin of users, the average session duration and the used keywords with which your shop was found in search engines.

Initial Import of Products

The initial data import can be conducted by the consumers themselves or by pixelpoint multimedia. Whether a product input can be integrated via an interface can be determined not before completion of the software.


The whole shop can be built in any number of languages. You can decide during the creation as well as after completion, if you wish to operate and maintain a multilingual online shop.

Creation of an Interface

(Inventory control systems, Amazon, eBay)
Indeed an interface to the own interface control system is not necessarily required. However, it is useful to align orders automatically and directly with the inventory and eliminate products which are not available anymore. Such an interface can be built straight at shop creation or implemented afterwards. The effort to do so can be different and is dependent on the used software. We can make an exact offer for you after examination of the inventory control system.

Moreover, your Magento shop can also be connected with Amazon and eBay. As a result, you can offer your products on various platforms simultaneously in order to reach more users.

Methods of Payment

The implementation of a suitable payment system will be conducted by pixelpoint multimedia. Based on our experience we recommend the usage of PayUnity.

However, also other payment systems can be implemented if the customer expresses a special wish. The one-off development costs as well as ongoing costs depend on the choice of the payment system and will be charged by the payment service provider.