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Web Programming & Development

Website Creation & Screen design

An individual screen design can be both manufactured by pixelpoint multimedia as well as by a third party. However, if you decide to hire a third party, it is mandatory that the data is transmitted to us in a digital way. Subsequently this data will be transformed into a web-enabled form by us.

Content Management System (CMS)

Unless otherwise stated, our websites will be coded on the basis of a content management systems (CMS). A CMS represents a maintenance system, which enables the customer to upkeep contents quickly and easily without any HTML knowledge. Our CMS recommendations comprise: Typo3, Drupal, WordPress and a couple of other open source systems.

Due to range of different CMS systems which all have their benefits as well as their drawbacks, we do not suggest any specific system in general, but rather take a decision together with our customer within a kickoff meeting.

Programming of Templates

The output variants of contents are being controlled via the templates. Thus, the creation of templates represents the actual programming effort within the creation of a website. If a template (output variant of a content) is established, it can be used for any number of times and contents. Consequently, it is guaranteed that the expandability of a page is given ideally.

shutterstock_298632971Filling with Contents and CMS Training

The completed website will be initially filled with contents by pixelpoint multimedia in order to allocate an informative website. The extent of the entered contents will be defined with the customer beforehand, but can also be inputted by the customer completely, if requested.

After the completion of the website, a training about dealing with the maintenance system will be provided in order to facilitate customers to handle contents themselves.

Application Form

In the meantime, a contact form is almost mandatory for every modern website. In this way can get in touch with your company spontaneously without having to operate an email client.

Google Analytics

In order to provide customers website statistics Google Analytics is integrated on your website by default. This helpful tool serves the analyses of accesses of websites. Its most famous features are for example the information about origin of users, the average session duration and the used keywords with which the website was found in search engines.

Modular Construction

The database as well as the fitted web front-end will be conceived in a modular construction, so that the website can be equipped with new modules anytime. Even after completion.


If required, your website can be construed in more than one language. However, this decision does not have to be taken strictly at the beginning. The website can also be complemented in different languages after completion.

Web Based Applications

HTML 5 Applications and many more!

Freedom from Barriers according to WCAG 2.0

WCAG stands for Web Content Accessibility Guidelines. This is a matter about developed guidelines for the establishment of barrier-free websites: In order to be accessible for all users with a disability, contents have to be perceptible, simple to operate, comprehensible and technically resilient.

A barrier-free website is compulsory for both public departments and authorities as well as for public facilities. All other operators do not have to prepare their website in this way. However, a barrier-free website can make much sense for these operators as well, if their target group is confronted with rising problems in terms of viewing visual contents.

Freedom from barriers can also be retrofitted. However, in some circumstances this could be costlier compared to equipping your website barrier free straight from the beginning.

You can find more information about the guidelines for barrier-free web contents 2.0 on the following page:

Individual Solutions

Naturally we are open to individual wishes and think about corresponding solutions for the best possible result.

Complete Themes

If you want to save costs, you can also acquire a ready-made theme for your website. We will adapt this theme slightly on your specific corporate design and subsequently we will fill it with content.