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Web Design & Screen Design

From the point of view of a user, the design of a website represents the most important part of the creation of a website. It is not only important to conform a corporate design and having a thread running through the story, but also being user-friendly as well as ensuring an identification with the target group.

At the creation of screen designs we are working closely with our customers in order to establish a professional, modern and user-friendly design according to the expectations of the customer.

No matter if desktop, notebook, tablet or smartphone. In the meantime, a website can be opened with different display resolutions. From 240 x 320 pixels to 1280 x 1024 pixels and even more. Naturally the different resolutions represent a challenge for every web designer and website operator. However, they also offer as many chances and possibilities for developments.

Responsive Web Design


Responsive web design represents a possibility to organize the variety of display resolutions in a smart way. With a responsive website you can achieve an appealing illustration of your contents on different devices without optimizing the website to those devices. In this process flexible layouts are used, which adjust the website to the specific resolutions. Moreover, the contents (images, texts, videos) are positioned and scaled appropriately. In this way for example high resolution screens can display contents in four columns, while the content on mobile devices is illustrated in only one or two columns.

Upgrading a website afterwards can be very time-consuming and consequently cost-intensive. Thus, we recommend to take a decision right at the beginning whether a responsive design should be integrated or not.

Mobile Version of the Websiteshutterstock_220478947

The CMS of a mobile version of a website distinguishes between two layouts automatically, depending on with which device (desktop, tablet or smartphone) a website is opened. Therefore, an adaption respectively reduction of the design and as a consequence also of the template is necessary.

Due to the fact that a mobile version of a website is programmed differently than the desktop version, it can be complemented separately during the creation as well as after completion.