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Our Service

Registration of a Domain including POP3/IMAP E-Mail Accounts

For your perfect website is only a suitable domain missing? We examine the availability of your preferred domain, register it and create an appropriate POP3 respectively IMAP email accounts for you.

Managed Exchange Email Postbox

In comparison to free POP3 and IMAP Email postboxes we offer a managed exchange version to you- However these postboxes are associated with monthly costs per mailbox. 16 GB storage is included per mailbox as well as a full version of Microsoft Outlook 2013.st_276628841

Website Maintenance

On the basis of our longstanding experience we know that, even after the completion of a website, customers are asking for small modifications on the website often and adaptions to new browser versions are necessary. Furthermore, customers often come back to us as they do not have enough time to keep their website on the state of the art.

In these cases we offer ongoing website care, which comprises content-related and editorially support as well as technical support and development including small design adaptions.

The specific requirements will be determined together with the customer so that we can meet your individual expectations and can transmit an ideal offer to you.


Your websites, online shops, web applications as well as several additional modules and databases can be hosted at pixelpoint multimedia. For that reason, a server system with ideal internet connection is guaranteed. Firewall and security are part of the scope of services. Methods such as HTTPS and SSL will be supported.

Server Maintenance / Backup Service / CMS Update Service

We maintain your server with ongoing updates of service packs and security patches, server performance analyses security checks as well as examinations and optimizations of the hard drive storage.


How often do you create a backup of your most important data? Of your website? Of your online shop? In order to prevent cost and time intensive recovery processes, we advise you to conduct regular possibly even daily backups.

CMS Update Service

Regular CMS updates inevitable in order to identify and fill possible security gaps in your system, which could possibly open a backdoor for hackers.

In order to take pressure off you, we offer both backup as well as CMS update service, which will be adapted to your individual needs.

Workshops and Trainings

From the training of our content management systems and our newsletter software, via Facebook workshops regarding strategy and the development of conceptions, through to SEO roadshow in terms of creating optimized contents and SEO in general. We pass our knowledge to you and your employees.