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Social Media & Facebook Ads

What was initially designed for private usage, represents one of the most important social networks today: Facebook!

Naturally, good online marketing is not constrained in this matter. In the meantime, Facebook and the associated possibility to place targeted advertising for your company has become extremely important. Who wants to represent himself modern, open-minded and alive on the market needs an account on Facebook.shutterstock_196005458

Why? Very simple: Facebook is a communication medium. We bring you and your products up for discussion. A concerted social media storytelling concept and the associated ongoing promotion of your Facebook fanpage (through the pixelpoint multimedia Facebook network with more than 400,000 active Facebook users build the basis to do so. Again they are being represented on different web-portals (e.g.,,, etc.).
Status updates such as photo postings, event announcements, videos and many more will be adjusted in collaboration with your team and spread on Facebook.

Content Mix

Apart of being an information channel, Facebook is also an entertainment medium. As so often in life, what counts is the ideal mix. Too many “rigid” information and offers do not guarantee success in the social networks. However, information and offers need to be packed up in a good way, before being communicated on Facebook. We can help you with this circumstance.

Facebook Supervisor

During the period of supervision you have fully access to our team and a specific contact person is at your disposal for upcoming questions around the topic of social media.
New ideas, estimations and open questions can be discussed via mail or telephone.
Consequently, you are always up to date and you are able to react in real-time, if urgent or exciting messages come up.

Our online marketing team offers you:

– social media knowledge & supervisor-support
– user-friendly content preparation, texts with content and facts instead of empty words
– distribution in the web – worldwide and correctly implemented on your regional target area

The following strengths are being deployed for you by pixelpoint multimedia:

– qualitative valuable and editorial valuable storytelling
– top distribution channels for your contents
– focus group oriented approach in the network
– our posts bring motivation in your community and raise the participation rate

Social Media Lab – Recognize and Apply new Trends early!


Barely a sector is subject to such a rapid development as the online marketing branch and the area of social media.
Hence, we have specialized on realizing and applying new trends and always being one step ahead.
We see ourselves as trend scouts and trawl the broad expanse of the internet to explore new trends and methods. In further consequence they are being checked thoroughly in our social media lab. If it should emerge that a new trend has a positive effect on your project, it will be applied to your project immediately.
Especially in regards to viral posts you need to be able to react quickly in the internet. In addition, new trends are being developed and suggested in this lab.

Our Social Media Hard Facts & Highlights:

  • conception of social media activities such as viral video productions and different graphics for special campaigns on demand
  • accompanying ongoing supervision in collaboration with your team
  • technical application of creative ideas
  • social app programming
  • viral product placement
  • ongoing content distribution of status updates and links in our own Facebook network with more than 400,000 active users and moreover
  • 360° video productions – see video example
  • Facebook live video production

Social Media Reporting

Our developments are documented precisely and we transmit you a compact reporting including amazing numbers, best postings, newest developments such as fans, service levels, progression of postings etc. every month.
Among other things we show you the top five postings as well as contents, which did not work – the flop five.
Thus, you can identify both tops and flops at a glance and you are able to see it for yourself.
The focus in our reporting is not only on the positive aspects, but also on those that can be improved.
Notoriously, a reporting should not only distribute positive mood, but also demonstrate which optimization measures should be conducted in the following month.

Facebook Ads

Facebook marketing suits best to point your message accurately to your specific target group. As a result, you can reach exactly those users, which are most likely the become future customers, based on demographic and psychological characteristics. We can get the most out of your advertising campaign by using our special Facebook intersection targeting and an extensive split testing. Furthermore, we apply a retargeting campaign here as well in order to confront all interested parties once again.



The Advantages of Facebook Ads from which you can Profit from:

  • Through efficient Facebook marketing you can target exactly those users which suite best to receive your message, on the basis of their demographic and psychologic attributes.
    Via Facebook Ads you can address your potential customers exactly.
    The customers are listening to you through your company profile. You can use a creative Facebook campaign in order to surprise, fascinate and of course to commit your customers.
  • We conceptualize, realize and optimize you Facebook advertisements individually depending on your company, its services and its strategy. As a consequence, you can increase your company and brand awareness. You will optimize your online reputation, distribute your messages via multipliers, communicate actively to potential customers and raise your sales figures on the long-term.
  • It is mandatory to buy the necessary range in order to deliver the specially built social media contents precisely. Therefore, we are working with the so called intersection targeting. This method facilitates us to hit the target group even more accurate. This is where we can combine demographic characteristics with specific interests. Thus, we can target users precisely, which are example interested in A as well as in B, however not in C. In the process of setting up campaigns and target groups the ideal target group for your company will be assembled and split testing will be conducted in order to achieve the best results.

Interest Targeting

The interests related filter option belongs to the most important targeting possibilities, as it makes it possible to evaluate users among their interests and activities. As a result, customized advertisements can be created which target only people that may be interested in the advertised product or brand.