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Search Engine Optimization | SEO

A strong term, which is inevitable in regards of professional online marketing. Fact is, that search engines are the key for everything in the internet. Certainly many of you have already heard about this term. By applying the following steps, we ensure that your website will be found faster and better.


Keyword Research

Keywords are crucial for search engine optimization. However, the times are over in which texts were simply stuffed with keywords. Today it is even more important to filter the most important words and place them in a better way.
To know which keywords are important for your website, pixelpoint multimedia conducts the keyword research for you.

Among other things, this includes:

The research of the so named „money keywords“. These are keywords which have both enough search volume as well as conversion potential.

Search Engine Optimization

The ultimate objective is to place the website including all its subpages for the relevant keywords in the search index of Google in order to reach an optimum ranking.
In the ideal case the keywords are ranking on the first page among the top ten.
However, a couple of factors play a decisive role in this situation.
The number of competitors as well as the relevance of chosen keywords to the website are crucial.

On-Page Optimization

Websites do not only depend on graphics, but also their contents. Pixelpoint multimedia optimizes content by the following steps:

  • unique title tags for all subpages
  • unique meta descriptions for page of the main menu
  • title-keyword proportion in the content
  • unique h1 headings on the subpages
  • adapted robots.txt file in order to lock out irrelevant content
  • categorized XML sitemaps
  • search-engine-friendly intern link structure
  • Usage of canonical tags in order to prevent duplicate content
  • search engine optimized texts

Off-Page Optimization

A targeted link building is a very important topic in terms of Off-Page search engine optimization.
As a rule of thumb we can say: the more high-quality links a page has, the better it ranks in the search results.
The relevance of a topic of linked pages is crucial.
The team of pixelpoint multimedia builds different links to your website in various networks. This contributes to a natural growth of links and helps you to achieve a better ranking for your website.

Our procedure:

  • acquisition of valuable and high-quality links
  • link building in the networks of pixelpoint
  • link building in the extern partner-networks

Target of the link building

Increase of qualitative links to your landing page, which has an impact on better rankings in the search engines again.