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Search Engine Advertisement | SEA

We are certified Google partner! This brings a lot of advantages to the customer as well. Make use of them by conducting search engine advertisement together with our agency.

Online marketing is not restricted to the optimization of pages in order to climb up the ranking of search engines. Our online marketing team has expertise on the search engine advertisement topic as well. We offer you a variety of different steps to place your advertisements in the ideal way.


Google Adwords Search Network Campaign

Good advertising does not have to be expensive. For this reason we are using the opportunity of Adwords.

This makes it possible to advertise precisely and cheap through well placed advertisements.
What do you mean with precisely?
A good Adwords campaign ensures that solely those Google users will see your advertisements, which are de facto interested in your product.
The main benefit is that costs emerge only if your ads are really clicked.

Pixelpoint Online Marketing realizes this in the following way:

  • creation of Google Adwords campaigns
  • comprehensive research and selection of the keywords
  • composition of the advertising texts
  • structuring in thematically appropriate campaigns and advertisement groups, ongoing service and optimization of campaigns within the scope of your monthly budget

Our target: Generating purposefully traffic and branding


Storing and evaluating intern search terms as well as evaluating relevant search terms in combination with new adopted landing pages represents the next step.

Conversion Tracking

We help you with the tracking of all your conversions based on the different divisions (SEO/SEA/Social) as well as the conversion funnels: analyses of bounce rates respectively the points of exit.

Google Adwords Display Network Campaign

The Google display network comprises a variety of partner websites and specific Google websites on which Google advertisements are placed.
This includes for example: Google mail, blogs und YouTube as well as other Websites that exhibit keywords which are relevant to a specific topic.
Moreover, mobile websites and apps are connected to this advertising network. Consequently, even the mobile versions of specific programs and pages can be used for that reason.

Google Adwords Retargeting/Remarketing

By conducting remarketing, advertisements are placed for users that have already visited your website before.
Through the application of remarketing we equip single pages of your website with a tag.
This tag meets the advertised categories again.

Advantage: With the help of remarketing you can reach users, which have already visited your website before. Thus, you have an efficient possibility to bring together the right users with you or you can just bring your offers in mind one more time.
Through the combination of the search engine network campaign we can attain higher conversion rates for our campaigns altogether.