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Newsletter Marketing

*ring, ring* – you got mail –

Millions of people receive newsletters daily. Partially requested, partially as spam, because the e-mail address was given to a third person accidentally. In order to not get listed in a spam folder several factors need to be taken in mind. This includes the graphical and technical optimization. Needless to say that the text itself looms large as well. Thus, we develop a concept which factors are important for your newsletter in collaboration with you. Our know-how and our longstanding experience helps you to achieve superb results.

Newsletters which are composed correctly are an important tool in terms of online marketing. Beside the optimization of the website they represent an important step in order to be closer at the customer. Within our comprehensive service, we also offer assistance at the creation of top e-mails for your newsletter.

379657543Who is able to dispatch interesting and exciting newsletters will also be able to contribute a huge part of holding customers as well as acquiring new customers.

Thereby it is also possible to make use of different newsletter systems.

Of course the team of pixelpoint multimedia assists you in this regard as well.