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Display Advertising & Media Planning

To place advertisements precisely is not that easy. Especially in the case when a couple of questions remain unacknowledged. The core issues of successful online advertisement are:

  • Where are advertisement be placed?
  • Which kind of advertisement suits best?
  • How can the focus group be discovered quickly and reliable?

Of course another target represents the identification of potential customers. All of these factors are achievable through well placed and good structured advertisements. At this point pixelpoint multimedia comes into play again, because we can assist you by answering these important questions.
No one is being helped with badly placed advertisements, if they are getting lost in the web or are simply not found. These are the unnecessary costs, which are payed and do not bring any benefit.


Among other things, aimed advertising contains: e-mails, social-media marketing and naturally display marketing as well. At the end it is the mixture that makes the difference. We can help you to discover that mixture and apply it.

Take advantage of our experience by compiling and applying a conception of an optimized advertisement in collaboration with pixelpoint multimedia
We are going to reach an optimum with a variety of strategies.
You do not need to invest in advertisements, which do not reach any potential customer. Put your trust in pixelpoint multimedia and the associated longstanding experience. Fact is, who is ingrained in this matter is also able to disrupt the digital jungle.