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Mobile App Programming | iOS und Android

App Design

shutterstock_248776741A user-friendly, intuitively design is crucial for the usage and success of an app. The design has to impart every single function of the app to provide the user an ideal experience. Our graphics department puts great emphasis to both our websites as well as to the app design in order to achieve the best results.


Where Apple represented the pioneer in recent years, Android devices tend to catch up slowly and capture the market. We are already prepared for this situation. Hence, our team consists both out of iOS as well out of Android developers, which are available for your projects.

App Examples

Ideas and areas of application for apps are eclectic – similarly as their users:

Magazine App

More and more magazines and newspapers focus on tablets. But why? The reason is obvious: tablets make brochures alive as the medium tablet offers many possibilities to construct content still more attractive for readers. Videos, image-slideshows, small dalliances, which invite the readers to explore the contents.

Tourism Advertisements

Interactive travelling planers: information of current season, weather and temperature of the lakes, events, interface to the video channel, sights and panoramic views of the region.


Museum Guide
The swipe function enables the popular swipe through the brochure. Digital texts and images are complemented by use of a map including the localization of museums and their specific opening hours. Thus, it is ideal for planning trips at home.
Moreover, digital brochures offer another advantage: print-brochures are often limited due to their circulation-limit. In addition, digital versions are always available, no matter what time or location.

Video Platform


Tagging of videos enables the categorization of single articles. Contents can be distributed quickly to several social media per interface. The automatic conversion of videos in different quality levels facilitates an optimal illustration on different devices at an appropriate internet connection.


A video-CMS with its own web front-end steers the video portal. Furthermore, it provides these contents to the app as well as to other devices in web-standard-format. Thus, it represents a cross-platform. In addition, the CMS is equipped with a differentiated user management as well as with a search function.

Promotion App
At the next event you wish to shine out with an especially innovative marketing? We help you by exploring new ideas and support your with our longstanding experience.
Presentation of the company and vending-software

The first impression counts. Obtain a competitive advantage by attractive presentation and vending-documents and shine out in your next sales conversation.

Regardless with which idea you come up, we support you from the conception to the graphical and technical realization.