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360 Degree Videos

Are you looking for new and innovative opportunities to represent your company? The 360 degree videos are exactly what you are looking for.

2016 is the year of 360 degree videos. Regardless of whether you use them on YouTube, Facebook or your own website. With these extraordinary video recordings you will convince your customers with something special. Offer your users a multidimensional experience by delivering not only a precise picture, but also height, depth and spatiality – in a closeness to reality you have never seen before.

In the case of 360 degree videos the observer decides about the desired angle of view. No matter if indoor or outdoor, 360 grad videos offer an innovative new possibility to create movies interactively. We undertake the creation, production, conception, editing, embedding of logos as well as the distribution in our social media network for you. Naturally we advise you extensively in terms of the technological possibilities of this market segment.

In addition we offer you the possibility the create 360 degree aerial recording through the deployment of drones.


  • 360 degree video recordings in 4K quality
  • Compatible with mobile devices and social media channels
  • Touch and Gyroscope steering on mobile devices
  • Interactive steering on desktop via mouse and keyboard
  • Possibility of live sound dubbing or after recording
  • Integration of hotspots respectively data points within the video


The technology of this kind of video production originates initially out of the 360 degree photography and continues in this sector. A combination of at least 6 single cameras allows 360° horizontally and 180° vertically recordings. Afterwards, the video and audio data will be processed, synchronized, optimized and saved as a 360 degree video.


While playing the video each point of the screen can be clicked in order to relocate the perspective. And it is even easier by using the gyroscope of a smartphone or tablet. Moreover, virtual reality glasses (e.g. Samsung Gear VR or Google Cardboard) allow steering the 360 degree adventure through head movement.

Application possibilities:

Basically 360 degree video recordings can be used in nearly every situation. Firstly, this new medium impresses through its vast commercial suitability, as it addresses the users interactively and motivates to explore it. Furthermore also events, celebrations, sport events or even clubs, restaurants and hotels can benefit exclusively.


  • Shopping centers, immovables
  • Restaurants, bars, cafés
  • Showrooms, clubs
  • Events, celebrations, concerts
  • Weddings, family celebrations
  • Manufacturing and factory halls
  • Tourism
  • Communities
  • Hotels and public swimming pools
  • Sport events
  • Musicians, music videos
  • etc.